I Thank you Mam for bringing a seachange in my personality.I thoroughly enjoyed each and every clinic for my Image makeover.

However The most interesting things which made the clinics fun were the Cluster clinic and the colour sense clinic. It was fun checking out what matches what. Yin and Yang were conceptual and theoretical which is very helpful. Filling in the handouts with our feelings was great as we thought deep into our minds.


The Consultation was done in a warm and friendly way.The Clinic sessions were very informative and almost like an eyeopener for me.The best thing what i liked was that lot of learning was imparted through practical demonstrations

The most interesting and helpful clinics were the Fit And Fashion Clinic,Makeover Clinic,Colour Sense Clinic,and Personal Style Clinic

  1. Fit and Fashion Clinic-I became aware of my own Triangle body shape and now i incorporate this correct knowledge of wearing clothes for my body shape.
  2. Make Over Clinic-Was super fun,I never thought I would look so beautiful after wearing subtle makeup,The application of make up according to skin type and in the correct sequence gave me tremendous knowledge of make up application and product knowledge.
  3. Colour sense Clinic-A person can experiment with somany colours using the various colour schemes was known to me after the Colour Sense Clinic.This would further help me to convey the right message through apt colours in clothing.
  4. Personal Style-The concept of Yin and Yang,analysing the Yin Yang swats was very informative and fun activity.I got a clear picture of my own Personal Style after the Clinic.

A  sincere thanks to Manisha Mam for conducting all the clinics with great effort


We thank you Mam for conducting GROOMING AND ETIQUETTE session for our front office staff.held at our COSMOS JEWELS office,

The session was very informative and we have learnt a lot from it.Your practical demonstrations of how to wear different outfits for office wear and also how to be presentable in office environment will be of great help to us.

Also we learned how to formally greet clients, exchange our visiting cards, have conversation with them, how our posture, voice tone should be during meetings.

Once again we thank you for a giving us the oppurtunity to  learn and upgrade ourselves.

Karuna-Sales Head for Cosmos Builders

We have grown, played, laughed and cried together since childhood, I always like the way you talk, the way you handled the situations when the family needed your support but I

was unaware of the Talent untill I heard about you from my office staff when they attended the session for Grooming and Etiquette.

The session was very knowledgable and i can visualise the difference in the behaviour of our staff, it will surely will help my organisation.